What sport can I do in Italy in Riccione?

A holiday of wellness and sport

Riccione and its surroundings offer the possibility to practice an infinite variety of outdoor sports.

... alone or with friends, on the beach or in the hills by the sea or by the pool in the clubs or in freedom: cycling, golf, swimming, hiking, Nordic walking, skating, mountain biking, road, horse, sail, beach volley, beach tennis, soccer, soccer, jogging, etc.

Sports on the beach
Beach volley
Many people are passionate about volleyball on the sand, to the point that now every beach resort on the Adriatic Riviera has an equipped beach volleyball court, where amateur games are played, but also professional tournaments. Disembarked in Italy from the American beaches in the '80s, since 1996 the beach volleyball becomes an Olympic discipline.

Beach soccer
The soccer played on the sand is a more recent passion in Italy, but in about ten years has been able to win the interest of people living in Romagna. During the summer it is easy to come across amateur tournaments between local people and foreign tourists on holiday on the Riviera. The Cervia Beach Soccer is the sports federation linked to beach soccer that has been able to earn good results in the national championship series.

Spending a holiday in Riccione with a bicycle has become a widespread practice in recent years. The hinterland of Riccione that stretches between the Marche and Romagna is among the richest areas of cycling routes throughout Italy. The paths are differentiated by type of difficulty and range from that for the amateur to the professional.

Beach tennis
The origins of this sport are to be found in the very Italian game of tambourine, known since the 1920s. The first beach tennis tournaments with the current rules were played right on the Ravenna beaches in 1978, where the reputation of beach volleyball had already become popular. To date, beach tennis is considered one of the most popular sports on the Rimini and Riccione coast.

A tradition that has lasted for almost 20 years is the Paganello, the Ultimate Beach World Cup held every year in Easter in Rimini and brings together all the world champions of the sport on the Riviera.The participation of the public and the curious is a lot every year, because the five-day international event is a sort of anticipation of the fun days spent on the Riviera in the middle of summer, with many young people, party every night, music , people of all backgrounds and above all a lot of sport and entertainment, the acrobatic deeds of highly trained athletes and the strong emotions that only sport can give. The rules of the game vary according to the disciplines practiced, the freestyle frisbee is undoubtedly the most spectacular game mode.

Lots of addresses on the Riviera for those who want to play a game of tennis with friends. For those who want to combine their passion for a holiday, there are summer camps with school camps for children or adults, for intensive workouts led by racquet professionals.

Horse riding
Very widespread in the coastal areas included in the territory of the Natural Park of the Po Delta, but also in the valleys of the Romagna hinterland and in the mountain areas not too high. This land is rich in riding stables and riding centers, from which interesting excursions can be made for trails that are difficult to reach without expert guidance.

Those who want to experience the thrill of jumping into the air with a parachute can take classes in various schools on the Riviera. The full-immersion courses offered by the modern parachuting schools of the Adriatic Riviera allow you to launch in flight after only one week-end of lessons.

Sports that in the last twenty years has depopulated throughout Romagna, also due to the presence of great teams and great champions. Courses for young people are common in every city of the Riviera and basketball courts are easily found. In the summer, however, all basketball fans gather near the beach, the summer challenges period begins in the fields at the edge of the beach that lasts until the end of the bathing season. In the Adriatic Riviera, during the summer, it is not difficult to come across even in summer tournaments and events for professional basketball players.

On the Adriatic coast this group sport is very widespread and also really appeals to kids who start practicing it at a very young age at school. There are numerous playgrounds and there are plenty of men's and women's high-level competitive teams. Two great teams from Emilia Romagna have been honored over the years in the men's national championships, the Modena Volleyball and the Piacenza Volleyball, in these teams have played some of the greatest champions of the Italian National Volleyball Team.

Golf lovers know the Golf Circuit of the Adriatic Riviera, between Ferrara and Rimini, real championship courses equipped for professional players and available 365 days a year. Even those who play for the first time, can have several greens distributed throughout the Emilia Romagna region.In particular near Riccione Riviera Golf in San Giovanni in Marignano and Verucchio Golf Club.

Sport in acqua

Free swimming
Emilia Romagna is a region of great swimming champions and, perhaps due to the presence of the sea, almost the entire population can swim well. All the main cities of the Adriatic Riviera have Olympic swimming pools where they can practice training in regulatory areas, as well as active swimming federations that manage advanced training courses and sporting activities at a competitive level.

An exciting sport, which requires a lot of physical effort and mastery of the vehicle, but has been able to conquer many inhabitants of the Adriatic Coast as evidenced by the numerous nautical and sailing clubs on the Riviera. These centers, in addition to hosting the boats and providing navigation information, organize sailing courses at all levels every year for those who want to learn the rudiments of this sport.

Very popular sport on the Riviera, particularly suited to the low waves of the Adriatic Sea. Many bathing establishments during the summer season organize lessons with windsurfing instructors and have equipment to hire, so that even beginners and tourists can get excited about this exciting sport.

Kite surf

Sports discipline born on the Hawaiian beaches and landed in the Adriatic Riviera only recently, but that has already been known to conquer a large number of fans and enthusiasts. Kite surfing is practiced replacing the traditional windsurfing sail with a large maneuverable kite with 2 or 4 cables. In almost all sailing schools of the Adriatic Riviera it is possible to take a kite surfing course and obtain the necessary equipment to practice this discipline. One of the most specialized kite surfing centers on the Riviera is the Vela Club del Marano, between Miramare and Riccione.

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