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Sky Park Adventure Park

It is the first Adventure Park on the Adriatic Coast, since 2005 it has been offering great emotions while respecting the environment on 14 different routes with 100 passages from 0 to 16 meters from the ground, offering activities for both adults and children in a cool day in the beautiful forest on Mount Aquilone, kingdom of outdoor sports

Environmentally friendly activities

What makes the Skypark unique is not only the wide choice of routes, it is one of the largest Adventure Parks in Italy, but the atmosphere that is experienced within the Park where only environmentally friendly activities are carried out, linked to nature, without the use of electricity and pollutants, leaving out all that artificial that does not fit into the context of the forest.

All trails are built in full respect of the trees using only wood, ropes and the essential steel cables for safety, so well integrated into nature that almost seem part of the forest since time immemorial, are revealed as you proceed along them with a visual impact absolutely pleasant and natural.

Spending a day at the Skypark is a lot of fun and an experience that you can remember for a long time, you can organize for a picnic or serve at the Skybar that offers excellent piadina and local products, remember that the entrance to the park and the use of facilities are free, you only pay to access the routes, the ideal destination for a different day immersed in nature.

Useful information

The exclusive use of I.P.D. is compulsory. (Personal Protective Equipment) supplied by SKYPARK, certified according to CE. For your own safety, you must respect the minimum height required to access the routes. The last briefing for access to the routes takes place 2 hours before the closure of the Park.

The activity on the routes ends 15 minutes before the closure of the Park. For safety reasons, the management reserves the right to interrupt activities in the event of adverse weather conditions.

The staff is available for advice and assistance from the ground to ensure your enjoyment.

  • classic scale
  • network bridge
  • suspended barrels
  • beam
  • round catwalk
  • tyrolean
  • board walkway
  • cobweb
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