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The fortress of San Leo

The origins of the Fortress of San Leo date back to the time of the wars between Goths and Byzantines (VI century). The fortress was disputed until 1441, when it was conquered by Federico da Montefeltro.

Today the fortress, cleaned of the nineteenth-century superstructures that altered its elegant Renaissance lines, has returned to its architectural splendor that makes it one of the most celebrated testimonies of military art

The view from here is one of the most exciting: it ranges from Mount Fumaiolo to the Adriatic Sea on a landscape full of forests, rocky peaks, gullies, and dotted with fortresses, villages and rural houses.

The fortress that hosted Count Cagliostro

In the urban fabric of the historic centre, with its well-preserved seventeenth-century imprint, there is also a monumental complex of a religious nature, unique in its kind, which makes San Leo a true "city of art".

The castle designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini seems to be one with the rock that supports it, thus increasing the defensive power. With the Papal State it became a prison in whose cells the Count of Cagliostro, known for his alchemical experiments, was locked up until his death.

Inside the Castle of San Leo you will find a permanent exhibition of weapons, armor, objects of medieval life, laboratory of the experiments of Cagliostro and the cells of as many famous prisoners here.

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