Riccione countryside and surroundings

Riccione is not only sea and beaches ... find out what the beautiful hinterland can offer!!!

Riccione is known around the world as a summer holiday place for the long beach, the sea warm and friendly hospitality of its people.

In addition, in the early years of tourism, at the beginning of the first 900, Italian and foreign tourists noticed the beauty of the hinterland of its rolling hills covered with olive groves and vineyards and the excellent food that entailed.

Those first few tourists despite the difficulty of transport and infrastructure, with a little spirit of adventure found all that history had left us: the Roman ruins, beautiful villages and imposing medieval castles and beautiful works of art.

Today, all that remained intact is little known to tourists who continue to feed the roar of the night life and dozens of local pizzerias and restaurants on the sea.

The castles and villages are still there: the inns and farms enrich this amazing offer.

A few miles from the beach you will find the beautiful unspoilt villages and fortresses Verucchio, San Leo, Gradara, Montefiore, and Torriana Montebello, San Marino, the oldest and smallest republic in the world, Mondaino, Santarcangelo di Romagna, Saludecio, and Montegridolfo and many other .... also do not forget to visist the Rimini with the Roman Arch of Augustus, Tiberius Bridge, the amphitheater and the Surgeon's House. At the museum there is still Fellini Rimini, the Malatesta Temple Church of St. Augustine The ancient squares and the old Fish, Borgo San Giuliano and more

Also do not forget the Parks and wildlife of the area: first of all the natural park of San Bartolo and the sea with beautiful beaches and unspoiled villages in the hills like Fiorenzuola di Focara.... A 20 minute drive from Riccione one of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic ... or the Nature reserve of the caves of Onferno "Sasso Simone” and much more.

In addition to these places you will find a country inn with traditional home cooking made with local produce: the best oil in Italy (at least for me), the most delicious meats, the resounding Sangiovese wine, the homemade “PIADINA”, the tasty cheese in it, the homemade Grandmother’s noodles with a meat sauce, the “CAPLET” in stock and many other delights ...

So if you come in Riccione not forget to visit ... 2 or 3 of these romantic and picturesque villages .... Ask for information and not satisfie your self with the usual walk through the souvenir shops! Romagna and its hinterland are waiting for you!

Mondaino Village


Mondaino offers a lot of Surprises: there is a beautiful circular place in the centre of the village where, if you come in August, you will be able to participate in the famous "Palio del Daino" (a reproduction of a medieval town fair).  From the fortress ramparts you can take in the beautiful panorama which stretches from the sea to the rolling hills of the countryside.  Below the town there are hidden pathways about which mysterious legends are told.

Walking round the old town one can glimpse ancient alleyways, noble palaces and visit the museum which houses the fossil remains of animals which inhabited this area millions of years ago. What's more, there is a botanical garden in which rare specimens of Mediterranean flora grow.  The citizens of Mondaino are outgoing and friendly and always ready to organize parties, shows and cultural events

Montefiore Fortress

As far away as from Rimini, you can already see the giant fortress on one of the highest hills of the Conca valley - its imposing angular walls jutting into the sky and the surrounding lush green countryside make it a remarkable sight.  The Montefiore Fortress and walled town was one of the most important in the Malatesta dukedom.

Within its walls, in its churches and amonst its alleyways you note precious works of art and the traditional craft of pottery is rife in its many workshops. From the top of the town, which overlooks the coast and you realise that the sea is only a few steps away. The surrounding countryside with its olive and oak trees is an open invitation to take a stroll along ancient pathways.  All this makes Montefiore a place you'll never forget.

Gradara Castle

Castello di Gradara


Gradara Castle, built on the crest of a hill, looks out towards the sea and the Romagna county to the east and the north of the Gabicce promontory.

San Bartolo nature Park

The Monte San Bartolo Nature Park was established in 1994 and became fully operational in May 1997. The protected area extends over 1600 acres and includes noy only a vast rural countryside as well as interesting historical villages 

Montegridolfo Medieval Village and castle

On the border between the Romagna and Marche counties, on the line that divides the  Conca valley and the “Foglia “ Valley there is one of the best preserved castles of Rimini countryside: Montegridolfo Castle.

Onferno Caves

 A few miles from Riccione, in the hinterland of Valconca, there is the Natural Reserve and ONFERNO’S Caves. Nature Reserve seems to be miles away from the bustle of the city: the quiet, relaxation and immersion in nature are its main features. The complex karst Onferno is considered among the most important in Italy among the caves of chalk.

San Leo castle

The origins date back wars between Goths and Byzantines (VI century). The fort was disputed until 1441, when it was conquered by Federico da Montefeltro.

San Marino Republic

La Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino, è un piccolo Stato indipendente; enclave all'interno dei confini della Repubblica Italiana, ha un'estensione territoriale di soli 61 km² popolati da 32.00 abitanti. È uno dei meno popolosi fra gli Stati membri del Consiglio d'Europa e delle Nazioni Unite.

La capitale è Città di San Marino.  Tra la popolazione è diffuso anche il dialetto romagnolo. Gli abitanti sono chiamati sammarinesi.

The house of the Roman Surgeon

On December the 7th, 2007 Rimini has opened the doors of the "Surgeon's House", the great archaeological complex came to light in 1989 and delivered to the city after 18 years of patient.

Nature Parks Sasso Simone and Simoncello

The Parco del Sasso Simone and Simoncello, two blocks, respectively, of 1204 m. and 1221 m. that protrude from the forest, is located about 70 km from Riccione on the Adriatic coast are various opportunities for sports in the park. From hiking to horseback riding, mountain biking trails for up to the trails and offroad or on the road along the routes where he trained the champion Pantani

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