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Sasso Simone and Simoncello Park

Unspoilt natural routes

The Parco del Sasso Simone and Simoncello, two boulders respectively 1204 m. and 1221 m. that protrude from the forest, is located about 70 km from Riccione, on the coast of Romagna. Take a day off from the beaches to visit the unspoilt nature of this beautiful park, suitable for adults and children!

Sport and excursions

There are several opportunities to practice sports in the park. From trekking to horseback riding, up to mountain bike trails for trails and off-road, or on the road along the routes where you train the champion Pantani

There are dense forests that boast a wide variety of plants and flowers, ancient specimens of beech trees and the largest turkey oak in Italy with its 800 hectares, but also an important fauna that sees the presence of more than countless wild boars and roe deer, the wolf and the shy wild cat, as well as rare birds of prey.

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