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Water park in Riccione
The Oltremare Park in Riccione is distinguished from other theme parks because alongside the fun and also important concepts of geological and evolutionary, with the aim of promoting the conservation of the environmental heritage, marine and terrestrial.

Inside the park it will be possible to discover and be fascinated by the marine world, from the formation of the Planet Earth andevolution of life.

The paths of the park

Oltremare is divided into 7 locations that face different issues and have a number of shows:

  • Planet Earth the explosion of life (exciting journey to understand the birth of our planet);
  • Darwin's garden of evolution (200 years of evolution in the midst of crocodiles, insects, iguanas...);
  • Hippocampuscavalli bizarre (one of the aquariums of Seahorses the most beautiful in the world);
  • The pine forest the Sea Giants in the Adriatic (reproduction in real scale of sharks, whales, sunfish, etc.);
  • The dolphin lagoon and the kingdom of Teras (the house of the dolphins biggest that has ever been made);
  • The farm the animal tribes (space dedicated to animals of prey and predators from the courtyard);
  • Delta lands of the water (swamp water of the Po delta, together with species characteristics and typical houses of the fishermen).
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