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Fortress of Montefiore

From far away, as far as Rimini, you can see on one of the highest hills of the Conca Valley, a gigantic fortress with squared and imposing lines, surrounded by a sea of greenery. This is the Rocca di Montefiore, one of the most important towns in the Malatesta lands

Within its walls, in the churches and in the alleys you will find precious works of art and discover the traditional craft of potters.

From the top of the village you can see the entire coast and you can see that the sea is there a few steps away. Its countryside, with its olive and oak trees, invites you to walk along ancient paths

Route to follow

As soon as you arrive in the village you can see the entrance arch to the fortified village called Porta Curina where the coat of arms of the Piccolomini is walled up. On the left there are the town hall and some houses with medieval architectural lines

Climb directly towards the fortress, ignoring the church of San Paolo on the right, which you will visit on your return. On the way there is the workshop of the potter, the ancient workshop of the Franchetti family. Inside there are two foot lathes and all the pottery in the traditional shapes and colors that is produced with them

Go uphill again until you reach the fortress. From below, the geometry and grandeur of the building are striking. After a first round of the walls you enter the courtyard where there is a decorated well from the late '300


On the upper floor there is a room with a cross vault where are exposed important frescoes by Jacopo Avanzi rare examples of secular painting of the fourteenth century. Another room called the Emperor's room houses other frescoes by Avanzi.

Climbing up to the terrace on top of the fortress, from here you can enjoy a truly exciting view of the cities below, the mountains, valleys and the entire coast of Romagna. The construction of the fortress dates back to 1340 by Galeotto Malatesta, although it is likely that there was already a fortified structure

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