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The largest amusement park
Mirabilandia is one of the most beautiful and largest amusement parks of the Riviera Romagnola. It is located near Ravenna and offers together with Mirabilandia Beach the beauty of 13 points of animation with themed shows

Even if it is located a few kilometers from Riccione, it is definitely worth a visit for its incredible attractions that have no equal in Italy, and because the second day enters for free.

Shows and attractions

Among the most famous shows of Mirabilandia, you can not miss Police School, where authentic stuntmen offer incredible emotions. In addition, more than 40 attractions, some of which are top-notch, are truly thrilling.

The not-to-be-missed and exciting Katun, ISpeed (55-metre high mega roller coaster), Niagara, Twin Towers, Raratonga, Wrong Pots, Delirium, Balloons, Riobravo, Music, Mirabilandia Express, Carousel, La Casa Matta etc..

The Park of Mirabilandia is divided into seven thematic areas that develop around a central lake, is completely surrounded by greenery with vegetation and a truly unique atmosphere for young and old.

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