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Italy in Miniature

Discovering the wonders of Italy
Italia in miniatura is a park that offers fun and learning, because it is a real theme park, located in Rimini, which offers the scale reproduction of many Italian and European monuments.

The only park that allows you to tour the whole of Italy in a single day! Your children will be enchanted and will be able to take advantage to learn about the beauties of Italy.

Park Attractions

Inside the park Italia in Miniatura it is possible to be fascinated by 272 perfectly reproduced miniatures, decorated with plants, mostly bonsai. One of the most spectacular parts is Venice, 1/5th the size of the original, which can be seen in a gondola on the Grand Canal and even meet Casanova.

The attractions that are proposed are instead the Canoe, the Sling Shot or the Rainbow monorail, the Cannon water and a Special Interactive Driving School.

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