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Caves of Onferno

A few kilometres from Riccione, in the hinterland of the Conca Valley, there is the Nature Reserve and the Onferno Caves.
The Nature Reserve seems to be a thousand miles away from the confusion of the city: quiet, relaxation and immersion in nature are its main features.

Characteristics of the caves

The karstic complex of Onferno is considered one of the most important chalk caves in Italy. Excavated by the waters of a stream, which over thousands of years has made its way through the rock, the caves of Onferno open at the base of the large and unique chalky mass on which once stood the "Castrum Inferni"

The cave has a development of about 400 meters with a difference in height of 64 meters and one of its characteristics is represented by the presence of conspicuous colonies of bats (over 8000 specimens)

Along the way you will find rooms of different sizes, some very large, others smaller and rich in creations. The most famous part of the cave is the Sala Quirina, also called Sala dei Mammelloni because of the large conical plaster protuberances that protrude from the ceiling. These mammals, spectacular in size and number, are among the largest in Europe.

The surrounding area

The territory of the reserve has unique characteristics, and not only thanks to the presence of the caves, but also to the flora, which grows because of the presence and influence of the caves that have a constant temperature throughout the year of about 12/13 degrees

Within the 123 hectares of the reserve there are a series of nature trails of different lengths and degrees of difficulty but always of the same beauty, to be done on foot or by mountain bike.

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