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The Castle of Gradara, lying on the crest of the hill, looks towards the east and north, towards the sea and towards Romagna, which opens to the plain just after the promontory of Gabicce Mare. Discover the beautiful castle of gradara and the village that framed the love story of Paolo and Francesca!

History of the fortress

Built on a hill 16 kilometres from the beach of Riccione, the Rocca di Gradara is a magnificent example of 14th century military architecture

Around the primitive fortress, probably built by the Grifi in the XII century, when they were lords of Gradara, the castle was then enlarged and embellished by the various landowners who followed one another in the dominion of the area.

The Malatestas, the Sforzas and the Della Rovere not only increased its military and defensive power, but also embellished its internal rooms, collecting various works of art

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