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The children's park
Fiabilandia is one of the oldest amusement parks dedicated to children in Italy. The park is completely inspired by the fantasy world and the most popular fairy tales. His mascot is a funny monster named Babau.

Fiabilandia gives its visitors the opportunity to enter for free for the second day and offers, during the winter bridges, several themed days such as Halloween, Christmas and Carnival.

It differs from the other parks on the Riviera in that it is entirely dedicated to children.

Routes in the park

The park is divided into 5 main areas that develop around Lake Bernardo, each area has been given a characteristic name: Medieval, Oriental, The Bay of Pirates, the Magic Village and the Far West.

In each area there are games and shows for a total of about 30 attractions throughout the park, which increase every year thanks to the continuous presentation of novelties to entertain children. Fiabilandia offers, in addition to numerous attractions, several dining options, a self-service restaurant and picnic areas.

Surely the little ones will be enchanted by the magic of this park, which for many years has been dreaming of young and old.

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