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The Surgeon's House

On 7 December 2007 Rimini opened the doors of the "Surgeon's House", the large archaeological complex that came to light in 1989 and delivered to the city after 18 years of patient restoration

The area of the discovery, covering 700 square meters, includes several buildings, of which the most interesting is the so-called Surgeon's House. These are the remains of an ancient Roman domus dating back to the second century AD.

Excavations and finds

The excavation has also brought to light other interesting structures: remains of a late imperial house, traces of an early medieval settlement, with a large burial ground below, highlighting a significant historical stratification.

With care and patience, the Rimini archaeologists led by Jacopo Ortalli, scientific director of the excavation, have revived a unique historical heritage. The two-storey Surgeon's House overlooked the sea, 1 km behind today.

Of great interest is the large number of finds and mosaics found inside: well preserved, have allowed a faithful reconstruction of the house and the identity of the owner, as well as shed light on a fascinating past. Perhaps the most exceptional find is a collection of 150 surgical instruments.

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